WIDE once again won the world top design award - Germany red dot award!

Release time :2018-03-12

In 2018 Red Dot Award: Product Design, WIDE with innovation and challenge again impact Design, MUSE series three wei yu Product won the Red Dot Design Award 2018 Germany. This is WIDE won the German IF design award in February this year, again the top design award of the world.

There are thousands of entries from 59 countries and regions in the 2018 Germany red point design awards. There are also some world-famous brands and enterprises in the product manufacturers and design organizations. After the Award, the product will be awarded with the Red Dot Award certificate and logo, and will be published in the Red Dot Award and Red Dot App. In addition, the winning products will be held at the Essen red dot design museum for a five-week special exhibition, which will be displayed at the museum for at least a year.


The winning three product is wei wei yu the latest detailed MUSE series of three design feeling extremely the product, the design using fine point, line, face, the fusion of arc, line, circle, build a fine personality and style. The combination of excellent modern technology and unique design concept highlights the elegance and individuality of the MUSE series.

Design concept: the product appearance inspiration comes from the score "quarter note" and the black and white keys on the piano, round and square complement each other, and black and bright chrome cooperation is so classical and unique. The perfect alignment of the handle and body also makes the product look more coordinated and integrated. In addition, adopt modern contracted design style, decorative pattern handle makes product appearance more beautiful and generous. In addition to appearance, the thermostatic function is another bright spot of the product. The handle is the switch, which can perfectly realize the thermostatic temperature control, so that consumers can feel more intuitive and clearer use experience.

Product practicability: the function of constant temperature can adjust the temperature according to the needs of the user, which can avoid the instability of temperature change in ordinary shower.

Product functionality: thermostatic function can adjust temperature according to user's demand. The handwheel is equipped with children's safety lock, which can effectively protect children from scald.

User friendly: put the handle switch direction is designed according to most users use habit and experience, and the position of the handle shape can also subtly suggests that open direction, and on the handwheel of decorative pattern design which can effectively prevent hands slip.






The winning products

In 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Europe's most prestigious Design institute, established the red dot award in the German city of Essen. Once established, it has become one of the most influential competitions in the world famous design competition, along with the German "IF award" and the American "IDEA award", which is called the world three design awards.

Won the award means that the product appearance and quality won the most authoritative "quality assurance", a product for red dot label, means that the design is the world's highest standards of good design. Therefore, being able to win this award is another recognition of the strength of WIDE design and development team in the international design competition. In the future, WIDE will pursue a bigger breakthrough, with the strength to write beautiful chapters!

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