What should the installation height of sprinkler be?

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Now every family is decorated when wei yu is between, can choose to install flower sprinkler bibcock. However, many people do not know the height and standard of the sprinkler installation, but choose to install themselves, resulting in a variety of embarrassing problems in the use process. What is the installation height of flower sprinkler head? Today's editor will introduce you.

1. Height of water mixing valve of flower sprinkler tap

In normal circumstances, the toilet after installing the ceiling smallpox is 2.2-2.4 meters height, the height of the flower to the sillcock should be on the ground up 90-100 cm, height can adjust the flower the sillcock fill height in 60-80 cm is the best. These height ranges can also be adjusted according to their own height, but it is best not to exceed 110cm, as too high may cause the shower shower nozzle to fail to be installed.

2. Reserved height of flower sprinkler head screw

After installing flower sprinkler head normally, can bury the screw head of flower sprinkler head in the ceramic tile of metope beforehand, and leave a part outside, cover with adornment. So when everybody is laying faucet conduit, had better want to reserve good position, give a wall about 15 millimeter more can.

3. Height of shower column

Under normal circumstances, the height of the shower column is about 1.1 meters, and the height from the ground is about 70-80cm. Of course the height that the ground reaches condole top and the height of user can decide to spend asperse to the height, want to install according to specific case normally so.

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