Faucet installation and maintenance skills

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Faucet is the hardware that every family must have to defend bath, but a lot of people do not know the correct installation that faucet and maintain a method. Actually faucet installation and maintenance do not necessarily need professional personnel to do, follow the author to read this article, you learn simple and convenient faucet installation and maintenance skills!

A, install,

1, before installing the faucet first to pipe water, the sediment rinse clean impurities from water pipes, and check the parts do not contain impurities in the clear packing box, in order to avoid impurity plugging after installation and wear ceramic valve core from the tap.

2, installing metal hose connecting the tap and the pipe is the need to pay attention to, usually the length of the hose is 30 cm, but there is also a part of the brand is to use hard tube, if you use the hard tube faucet is need to purchase a good faucet, in according to the length of the faucet pipe laying the pipe. In terms of service life, hard pipe is better than hoses, but hoses are more cost-effective and easy to install.

3. When taking over, it should be noted that all water pipes are hot water on the left and cold water on the right. The distance between the two pipes is 100mm to 200mm. Remove faucet after faucet position is fixed, wait for the mud and water ceramic tile of metope to finish work to install again, can avoid faucet surface to wear and scratch so.

Second, the maintenance

1. When cleaning the faucet, use a soft cloth and apply toothpaste or metal cleaner to clean the faucet, then rinse with water. Avoid using alkaline cleaner or steel ball, this can cause the surface of the faucet coating damage.

2, the outlet of faucet, there are usually a bubbler, due to the water quality around, bubbler in the use of water yield smaller happens after a period of time, this time need to put the bubbler is removed, clean with clear water or vinegar soak, install back again can.

3, some brand faucet surface electroplating processing is very thick, but it also easy to cause fatal, make it is not hard to touch or grinding, so when use, try to avoid contact with hard objects.

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