Wei yu industry arrives bottleneck period, what is the problem?

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Starting from this year, the central bank to raise interest rates, the macroeconomic regulation and control, real estate policy, raw material prices and other issues make sanitary ware industry in China were hit by a variety of large and small to the already the situation is not optimistic, sanitary ware industry today we analyze the main problems facing the sanitary ware industry.

First, the low-end market is crowded and the high-end market is empty

Nowadays, there are small scale, single product, old equipment and other small sanitary ware enterprises in the sanitary ware industry. These small enterprises occupy the low-end market of most sanitary ware industries. At the same time, the big brands in foreign countries not only control the high-end market, but also start to infiltrate the middle and low-end market in succession, which is an unprecedented fierce competition and test for the low-end bathroom market.

In contrast, high-end market, while China is the world's biggest consumer market, wei yu, however, in the high-end bathroom occupy market share the biggest is a few big brands abroad, overseas sanitary ware with strong financial strength and brand awareness, brand monopoly on high-end sanitary ware market in our country, in addition to historical reasons, the domestic sanitary ware enterprise brand awareness is not strong also is one of the important reasons.

Second, the domestic market situation is not optimistic

According to statistics, China's demand for bathroom facilities in recent years is as high as 34 million pieces, which has become the world's largest consumer market of sanitary products. Last year, the output of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware reached 7.5 billion square meters and 170 million pieces respectively, accounting for 60% and 40% of total global production respectively. According to these data analysis, China's bathroom market industry is optimistic, the market is very good.
This year, however, because of the real estate to ban semifinished product policy, rising prices of raw materials, artificial increases under the influence of various factors, such as falling domestic sanitary ceramic industry, many regions are the excess production capacity, and so on and so forth. For small and medium-sized sanitary ware enterprises, the pressure of overstocked products is very great, some of them can only stop running the production line.

To sum up, China's current bathroom industry has reached a bottleneck period, all kinds of policies and industry problems are urgently needed for us to carefully study and analyze according to the situation of our own enterprises. But the most important thing is, as long as we make good products, no matter how the market changes, we will certainly achieve certain results.

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